Specialty Third Party Logistics Providers


Watts Landing Office and Industrial Park is pleased to welcome specialty third party logistics providers such as Lorry Industries who serve as distribution centers for companies seeking a high degree of customization. We provide the infrastructure for logistics companies handling warehousing and fulfillment.


Watts Landing’s warehousing hub is within one to two day delivery of the massive population center of the mid-Atlantic region and its central business districts (CBDs) while at the same time serving specialty 3PLs operating nationally and globally.


We recognize the e-commerce sector of the economy is growing rapidly and that not all e-commerce companies are comfortable with large, impersonal, highly robotized fulfillment companies. Many of those creating and marketing specialty goods desire a partnership relationship with a professional third party logistics provider (3PL) that has certain characteristics so that they can concentrate on product development, marketing and sales, not fulfillment. They want:


  • Deep experience in the design field with a keen interest in helping produce a unique and delightful customer experience


  • Dedicated account personnel knowledgeable about the customer’s products such that there is always a clear point of contact and no chance of products becoming lost or ignored


  • Human beings who care about your products and provide high touch kitting and packaging


  • Ability to scale quickly as well as respond rapidly to changing market conditions and business plans


  • Willingness to meet specialized picking, packing, shipping and logistic processes utilizing a high degree of customization


  • Ability to provide efficiencies of scale to increase buying power and lower packaging and shipping costs


Watts Landing has developed an affinity with specialty 3PL providers and enjoys working with these organizations to design work, office and studio spaces to meet their particularized needs. Click here to see how one specialty fulfillment company is taking advantage of what Watts Landing has to offer.